The Magic of Wool Pressing Mats!

The Magic of Wool Pressing Mats!

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I've always wondered if I spend more time sewing or pressing when I'm quilting. They're, honestly, equally important in ending up with an accurate and polished finished quilting project. Today, I thought I'd share some information about one of my favorite pressing tools: my wool pressing mat!

A wool pressing mat like this one is so handy. Wool has a natural ability to retain heat, making it an ideal material for a pressing mat. When you press your quilt blocks on a wool mat, the heat is distributed evenly, essentially pressing from the top and bottom. This is crucial for setting seams and achieving crisp, flat quilt blocks.

A wool pressing mat can help save you time. The efficient heat transfer provided by wool means that your pressing time is significantly reduced. I often find that I can achieve the same or even better results in less time compared to my ironing board.

The texture of wool provides just enough "grip" so that as you're pressing, pieces are less likely to shift or become warped or puckered. This is especially helpful for quilts with bias elements. The wool fibers also help to compress seam allowances, resulting in a flat and smooth seam. This feature is particularly advantageous for intricate quilt patterns and intricate block designs.

Wool is inherently gentle, making it perfect for pressing delicate fabrics commonly used in quilting. Unlike some pressing surfaces that may be too harsh on sensitive materials, a wool pressing mat provides a soft and cushioned support, protecting your fabrics from unnecessary wear and tear.

Wool pressing mats are lightweight and portable, allowing you to create a convenient pressing station wherever you go. Whether you're attending a quilting class, a retreat, or simply want to quilt in a different room, the portability of a wool pressing mat makes it a practical choice for quilters on the move.

Wool is a resilient material, and a well-crafted wool pressing mat can withstand years of use. Unlike traditional ironing boards or other pressing surfaces that may wear out over time, investing in a high-quality wool pressing mat ensures longevity and continued performance.

For eco-conscious quilters, wool pressing mats are an excellent choice. Wool is a renewable resource, and its production has a lower environmental impact compared to some synthetic materials. I love an environmentally friendly approach to quilting!

I hope this was helpful! Here's the link again-- it comes in several sizes, so choose the one that's the right size for your space. I like to have a smaller, more portable one, and a larger one.


Happy Quilting!


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