Amazon Big Deal Days

Amazon Big Deal Days

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It's Amazon Big Deal Days! I went through my Amazon purchases from the last year and found all of the sewing related items that I've bought and loved that are included in the sale!


Oliso Mini Iron | Wool Pressing Mat | Tailor's Clapper | Ironing Board Cover

Having a pressing station right next to my sewing machine has been a game changer! I love my Oliso Mini Iron and Wool Pressing Mat right at arms reach for a quick press!

If you haven't used a tailors clapper  before, you're missing out on super flat seams!

I love this ironing board cover because it's a solid color so it looks good in videos and photos. It's great quality and it looks perfect after nearly a year of heavy use!



Embroidery Scissors | Stiletto Tool | Silicone Thimbles | Leather Thimbles | Spool Holder | Thread Rack

I love these cute embroidery snips for styling in pictures. I also use them to quickly snip threads all the time!

This multi-functional tool called the Purple Thang is so handy for so many sewing tasks!

These are the thimbles I like best for hand sewing. These silicone thimbles are great for gripping and I love this leather thimble.

I love this spool holder for using cones of thread in my sewing machine.

This wall mounted thread holder keeps my thread organized and tidy.

Camera and Tech Equipment

Tripod | Phone Mount | Hard Drive

If you remember the video I posted on Instagram of my Rocky Mountain Fan quilt reveal fail, you know I was in market for a new tripod. I love this one! It's so sturdy and has tons of ways to adjust it, so you can get the angle just right!


I get asked all the time about how I record my sewing process videos for Instagram and 99% of the time, I use this mount!

If you create content online, you know how fast your phone storage fills up. I've loved this 2 terabyte hard drive that I can dump everything on!













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